Pastry Dedication: Cafe Breizh's Bakers Keep It Authentic

Las Vegas Weekly/ August 3rd, 2017/ Brittany Brussel

What goes into crafting badass baked goods? For Pierre Gatel, pastry chef and partner at Café Breizh, the foundation lies in sugar-inspired stints at Wynn and Encore and with French culinary legends Alain Ducasse and François Payard. But it’s respect that really moves macaron mountains.

“We don’t reinvent products, we make them right,” Gatel says.

This command over ingredients is evident as three different types of dough are created for the cinnamon roll, apple turnover and croissant—each has its own recipe, number of folds and rest time. The five-day process of producing turnovers unites Isigny Sainte-Mère butter-infused puff pastry with sweet heaps of Fuji apples. Only fresh blueberries and hand-chopped, high-quality chocolate stud the insides of muffins and cookies. Gatel also produces savory items he knows well, including Niçoise salad and a lunch staple, the Waldorf chicken salad sandwich.

A similar artisanal approach is employed by his fellow chef (and Breizh, France native) Jerome Marchand for regional standards like crêpes—from the caramel butter variation to cream citron—and genuine galettes using Treblec buckwheat flour and land- and sea-inspired fillings.

These childhood friends-turned-café owners take care not to overwhelm themselves, keeping a small team and slowly unveiling more options like bike basket-worthy baguettes. While everything from the brioche to the brownies deserves the spotlight, it’s the authenticity that’s truly on display.


Valley's best culinary deals under $10 / Cafe Breizh's Croque Madame!

Vegas Seven / Cheap Eats / July 7, 2017 / Marisa Finett

Whether it’s true or not that the ham ’n’ cheesy grilled French sandwich was discovered when workmen placed their lunch pails next to the radiator, resulting in a melty, toasty meal, it does make perfect sense that the female version of the Croque Monsieur has an egg on top. But that’s just one of the reasons that makes the Croque Madame at Café Breizh so sinfully delicious. There is also the buttered toast, Gruyère cheese from the Swiss Alps, béchamel sauce and ham. The crunch of the bread, the cheesy goodness and the egg just waiting to be popped result in an explosion of texture and taste. $9.50, 3555 S. Fort Apache Rd.,

Breton Salted-Caramel

Vegas Seven / Dish & Tell / June 21, 2017 / Marisa Finetti

There’s no shortage of salted caramel iterations. The exotic indulgence became a culinary obsession at restaurants, which offered their renditions in cakes, sauces and ice creams. While the trend has subsided in the U.S., it was never a passing fancy in Brittany, France, because the salty, sweet and buttery wrapped candies (caramels au beurre salé) originated in this historic coastal region and have been part of its heritage for as long as one can remember. During the 1500s, Brittany was the only part of France to be exempt from a salt tax. As a result, salt was liberally sprinkled in the local cuisine. Then, a creative pastry chef decided to use salted butter to make caramel, and a beautiful union was born. To enjoy the true flavors of salted caramel is to have it at Café Breizh(3555 S. Fort Apache Rd.,, here in Las Vegas. The region of Bretagne (Brittany) is also called Breizh (the local dialect), which is where owners Pierre Gatel and Jerome Marchand were born and raised. You can bet that the two take their local specialties quite seriously. Try the Breizh crepes with salted caramel and baked apple, salted caramel macarons and salted caramel Macchiato for a trip to their hometown.

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Las Vegas’ New French Café

VEGAS SEVENMarisa FinettiDISH AND TELL Thursday, December 8 3:34pm

If you adore galettes, you’ll be thrilled to know that a new French café, Café Breizh (3555 S. Fort Apache Rd.,, opened last week in Summerlin. The casual dining spot with its outdoor patio garden is the perfect setting for La Colombe coffee, French-inspired sandwiches, pastries and galettes. Cafe Breizh makes its galettes using flour imported directly from Breizh, France (also called Brittany, or Bretagne in the native dialect), from which the folded square buckwheat crepe delicacy hails. Try the traditional galette, which features egg, ham and cheese. Owners Pierre Gatel and Jerome Marchand were both born and raised in the historic region of Bretagne, and became friends during an apprenticeship early in their culinary education. Also a must-try is the apple turnover—an inverted puff pastry that holds a mixture of Fuji apples, fresh and compote—and the baked chicken and Gouda quiche. C’est magnifique!

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Chef Pierre Gatel to Debut Cafe Breizh This Week!

An authentic taste of Brittany is almost here.

VEGAS EATERBradley Martin  Nov 28, 2016, 12:30pm PST

A new bakery will debut in Spring Valley this week featuring some high-caliber chef credentials behind the scenes. Cafe Breizh will debut its 2,308-square-foot space at the Apache Center on Dec. 1, close to the intersection of Spring Mountain and Fort Apache toads.

Partners in the venture are Jerome Marchand and Chef Pierre Gatel, who spent 11 years at the Wynn and Encore resorts rising to the position of Executive Pastry Chef. His earlier career includes time spent working in New York with Francois Payard and Alain Ducasse.

The partners were both born in Brittany, or Breizh as it is known in the local Breton language. Marchand's specialty addition to the project will be authentic Bretagne galettes.

Already recommended by the team, Salad NicosieCroque Monsieur, chicken and Gouda quiche, crepes with apple and salted caramel and Paris–Brest.

The cafe will be open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m and an outdoor patio is also on the way.