Vegas Seven / Dish & Tell / June 21, 2017 / Marisa Finetti

There’s no shortage of salted caramel iterations. The exotic indulgence became a culinary obsession at restaurants, which offered their renditions in cakes, sauces and ice creams. While the trend has subsided in the U.S., it was never a passing fancy in Brittany, France, because the salty, sweet and buttery wrapped candies (caramels au beurre salé) originated in this historic coastal region and have been part of its heritage for as long as one can remember. During the 1500s, Brittany was the only part of France to be exempt from a salt tax. As a result, salt was liberally sprinkled in the local cuisine. Then, a creative pastry chef decided to use salted butter to make caramel, and a beautiful union was born. To enjoy the true flavors of salted caramel is to have it at Café Breizh(3555 S. Fort Apache Rd.,, here in Las Vegas. The region of Bretagne (Brittany) is also called Breizh (the local dialect), which is where owners Pierre Gatel and Jerome Marchand were born and raised. You can bet that the two take their local specialties quite seriously. Try the Breizh crepes with salted caramel and baked apple, salted caramel macarons and salted caramel Macchiato for a trip to their hometown.

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