VEGAS SEVENMarisa FinettiDISH AND TELL Thursday, December 8 3:34pm

If you adore galettes, you’ll be thrilled to know that a new French café, Café Breizh (3555 S. Fort Apache Rd.,, opened last week in Summerlin. The casual dining spot with its outdoor patio garden is the perfect setting for La Colombe coffee, French-inspired sandwiches, pastries and galettes. Cafe Breizh makes its galettes using flour imported directly from Breizh, France (also called Brittany, or Bretagne in the native dialect), from which the folded square buckwheat crepe delicacy hails. Try the traditional galette, which features egg, ham and cheese. Owners Pierre Gatel and Jerome Marchand were both born and raised in the historic region of Bretagne, and became friends during an apprenticeship early in their culinary education. Also a must-try is the apple turnover—an inverted puff pastry that holds a mixture of Fuji apples, fresh and compote—and the baked chicken and Gouda quiche. C’est magnifique!

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